Ever wondered how Tech65 rolls behind the scenes? Well, we digress. A lot. DigressCast is the place where we let our digressing skills take over. Join us in this hilarious podcast of fun and adventure with a sprinkle of technology.
It's been so long since our last DigressCast. I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me! In this episode, we took various snippets from our Simply Geek #18 discussion and took the digression to a whole new level. I'm currently the leading champion digresser of Tech65, and during having our awesome discussion of instant messengers, we got to hear our dear Farinelli singing. I think there's whole segment about earth hour, our new (or not so new) busses in Singapore, and fansubbing...? Go, listen, we digress. - NTT, Justin Lee, Farinelli (Wong Ren Hao), Timothy Lim.
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